Vigour Apps is driven by well-determined mission and vision. We target to introduce highly interactive fitness apps, game apps, and utility apps this year and will positively increase the development in coming years more. Over years, we gained remarkable experience and expertise of designing apps, including games, kids, motivation and utility and looking forward to add more variety to it.

Vigour Appsís team is renowned for providing the perfect blend of intuitive apps and apps marketing. We augment the mobile development market by designing a wide range of iphone apps, including fitness, utility, game, etc. to meet the specific requirement of businesses and individuals. With wide range of competencies, Vigour Apps is prepared for creating user-friendly mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

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30 Days Ab Challenge Free

The 30 days Ab challenge is a very simple exercise plan for 30 days to flatten your abs and improve your health and fitness. You just have to do a set of ab exercises every day for the next 30 days without fail, thatís it!

The workout will become intense gradually and day 30 will test your stamina. Both men and women of any ages can use this ab to work on their abs. In cast, it is wonderful to kill womenís fat and quick weight loss.

This 30 day ab challenge has 6 intense workouts with ab exercise for beginners and experts both!

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30 Days Squat Challenge Free

The 30 Day Squat Challenge is simple 30 day exercise plan, where you need to do a set number of squat exercise every day for next 30 days without any fail. The workout increases the intensity over time, and day 30 will test your performance. you may include rack, dumbbells, hack and more to squate. Both men and women can use this app, and have strong and sexy legs.

Every girl dies for sexy butt and legs every time she sees someone with curvy butt and killer legs. Now, you can have them too! Try the 30 day Squat Challenge for FREE!!

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30 Days Push Up Challenge Free

Strong back and biceps are the key requirement to pursue any fitness regime. Do you want to make your back firm, fat free and strong, then look no further, and take up this 30 Day Push up Challenge for free and build your biceps, triceps and shoulder.

The 30 Day Push up challenge is a simple 30 day exercise plan for shoulders, where you will do a set number of push up exercises every day for next 30 days in row. The workout will become intense gradually from 30 to 100 and day 30 will test you. Both men and women of any ages can use the app. You can track the progress, share it with your friends.

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